Sunday, March 5, 2017


So, its been a while. Probably my longest blogging break ever. To make up for it I'm going to try to get caught up. Starting with Christmas.

We soak up the Christmas season. Spread it out as much as possible and enjoy it all. Just some of our activities. Tree decorating is the first. The kids wear their new Christmas PJ, we decorate, pizza for dinner while watching a Christmas movie.

 Lots of Christmas lights. We are lucky that there are multiple light shows close by, so we choose one night to go get starbucks (hot chocolate for me and Gavin and carmel apple spice for Reegan and Jason).
 Then our annual tradition of our Santa visit with the Keeley family. Times have changed, the first year we went it was only Reegan and Cade. Now 6 kids!

 Of course a crying Santa picture. Apparently all Heine kids hate Santa for a couple of years.

 A morning at our church doing crafts and hearing the true Christmas story.
 Christmas Eve church service

And Christmas morning. Lots of gift opening and lots of family time. These 3 received a bounce house from Santa!

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Emerson 20 months

This little baby is the funniest thing I have seen. She is now 20 months old and full of personality. 
Such a smiley girl with her scrunchy nose grins, she loves the camera and makes this face most every time I try to take a picture of her. She laughs, gives high-fives and waves. Will make the cutest kissy face and kissy noise. Says mama, Ree-Ree (Reegan), bu-bu (gavin), hi, bye, oops, ow, dada, shu (shoe), baby.
Emerson is miss independant unless I'm making dinner. She loves to walk around and play by herself. Climbs up on the furniture and moves from room to room...until I want to stand over the stove or empty the dishwasher. Then she hold onto my leg and grunts until I pick her up.
Emmy can talk but doesn't often, She grunts, whines and points to get what she wants. The big kids seem to know exactly what she wants and give in to her every wish.
 This baby may be small but she likes to eat. However she is very picky and only likes certain things when she wants them. At least once a day she goes into the pantry gets the raisins or pretzels and climbs onto a chair. She then pounds on the lid until someone opens for her or takes it away. And if you take it away a huge tantrum follows.
Loves baby dolls. Holds her doll and rocks them to sleep all the time. she even shushs them and bounces. Has no favorites but loves her white cat, little yellow bunny, and all babies. She's such a sweet girl.
 Animal lover!
 Emerson is still our little baby. Never has one of my babies been lower than the 10%ile. In fact, I don't think any of them have dropped much below the 50%ile.
She still likes to be carried on the front or back and I still completely love it! Emerson is such a wonderful little girl. We love her so much and are so thankful for her!!! She just makes this life so much sweeter.

life lately

I've got a lot of catching up to do! Wow, its been a while! This fall we have had the best weather! Shorts and sun and it has been amazing! Our days consist of being outside. Parks, walks, family bike ride, zoo, Deanna Rose Farmstead, etc. Its been so much fun!!!

 First bike ride as a family of 5.

Gavin was so excited about this Batman mask. He loves all things superhero (notice the hulk shirt???)

 I love her squishy, smiley face.

 Teaching the little one baseball.

 This day at the zoo all the animals were out!

Game Day grocery shopping. Go KSU!

I can't get enough Emerson!

Chalk hair. The closest these 2 will get to dying their hair pink and blue hopefully!

Love these sights, all 3 playing together...nicely

 Selfies and Starbucks cakepops!

A beautiful morning at Deanna Rose.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

First day of school

First day of school has come and gone and we're all having a tough time adjusting to our new schedule. Reegan is in first grade and is gone all day. Gavin is in 4 year old preschool and goes Tues, Wed, Thurs in the afternoon. Our days fly by and, and yet, I have no idea what we have done. We are lucky and the elementary school has gone no homework for the year. Which is great! So we do our reading every night and practice spelling words. I'm still having a hard time squeezing in much more than that. 

 Gavin's sign said he wants to be a pilot when he grows up. In actuality he wants to be a plane flier and helicopter flier. But not a pilot! He also wants 10 kids and all of their names to be Gavin...

 Gavin was so excited and happy to be a big boy and go to school. He loves it!