Monday, June 26, 2017


I decided to forgo birthday parties this year. There is just a lot going on in life and February/March fell right into my 1st trimester morning sickness (or sickness all day) and I just couldn't plan anything. So I asked Reegan what something fun would be that she would want to do and she could invite 2 friends. So she chose a trampoline park followed by pizza with her friends Ellie and Elise. 

 Her actual birthday was on a Saturday so Jason and I took her out to get her ears pierced! And then she wanted to pick out an outfit and eat sushi. We followed that up with cake and presents with the extended family.
 Emerson turned 2 on a night that Reegan had a school program. So poor baby didn't get much fun day.
 We celebrated with cupcakes and presents before walking up to school to see the performance.
 On a day off of school, good Friday maybe? We checked out a place we have never been before. It was fun and Reegan was such a good sport to find the fun in the activities even though she was a little big for some of it.
 Wonderscope has many rooms and this was the grocery store room. You could shop and "pick" veggies from the garden.

 The rockwall and swings were a favorite for Gavin.

Reegan loved the room where she could pretend to be a vet. She felt right at home and has been saying for a year now that she wants to be a vet when she grows up. Emerson enjoyed the baby hospital part on the other side of the room!

We had a great time and will be going back for another visit soon!

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